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Cyber Square makes it easy and fun for children to code. Courses are structured on creating, building and mastering the fundamentals of code by instantly enhancing kids’ confidence and efficiency.

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coding for kids
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Coding with Kids classes focus mainly on teaching kids how to code well. To make kids love coding we introduced three Adaptive paths like;

Visual Coding

Baby step towards learning codes where kids begin experimenting with the help of visual blocks.

 coding for kids

Natural Language Coding

We recognize that each child learns differently. Natural language coding allows students to use their own simple language and learn coding easily. Our goal is that no one is left in the dust by tough coding language.

coding for kids

Professional Coding

Kids then progress to professional coding where they learn languages like JavaScript and Python as they design games, build apps, and more innovative projects.

 programming for kids
 programming for kids
 programming for kids

Our Features

programming for kids

Space For Ideas

Cyber Square nourishes young aspiring minds to get a clear vision of their ideas. We guide them in analyzing and building their vision and ideas into reality.

programming for kids
 coding courses

Fun And Engaging Curriculum

Our goal is to create an engaging system that provides exciting activities so children can understand the programming concepts thoroughly so that they can perform them on their own. With Cyber Square kids have fun while they learn without frustrations.

coding courses
coding courses

Professional Approach & Tools

We professionals at Cyber Square, have developed an in-depth understanding in how to teach kids and how to code. Moreover, we believe in exposing kids to real programming languages and professional tools.

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Cyber Square

Cyber square is an innovative online platform that teaches kids to learn coding and thereby improving the 21st century skills. It is also an excellent way to teach mathematical and science concepts in a different way and have problem-solving skills, logic and patience.

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